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1997 - Jay and Diana Ross Play The BRITS

under General on 2015/02/25

The BRITS is one of the biggest dates in the UK music calendar. Each year the show celebrates the best in UK music. But the highlights are usually the live performances and the collaborations.







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20 September 2014

Verva Street Racing

Warsaw, Poland

30 August 2014

Summer Days Festival, Switzerland

19 July 2014

Afisha Picnic Festival, Russia


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popalot posted

in Forum on 12.09.2015 15:47

JK are u online????

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Gabrielamagalhaespaes posted

in Forum on 08.05.2015 18:46

My Dream about Jay

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popalot posted

in Forum on 26.08.2015 16:56

let's find a wife to jay kay

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mkr75 commented

in News on 01.03.2015 23:37

Two great performers who put their soul in their music. Love it!! x

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