You can contact Jay on his mobile number, 07832 7... er, hold on...

No, on second thoughts...

If you own a reasonable sized arena or are putting on a festival, preferably somewhere sunny, then contact Jamiroquai's Booking Agents ITB - +44 020 7637 6969

Party people are saying

LisaTheLisa commented

in News on 26.02.2015 00:05

LOL, how come 'specifically' is spelled right on the article but not the front page? : )

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mkr75 commented

in News on 01.03.2015 23:37

Two great performers who put their soul in their music. Love it!! x

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Camilla_Forman commented

in News on 23.12.2014 23:03

I congratulate too, lots of love and success in life!

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Giba7 commented

in News on 28.02.2015 20:08

oh c'mon Lisa, people make mistakes! Notice who it's about -more like DETROIT royalty, Holler!

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