Paul Turner

Who would be your biggest bass inspiration?

It's impossible for me to say one as I have so many. I suppose the players I listened to most when I was practising most would be Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller and James Jamerson. I also drew huge inspiration from Larry Graham of Sly & GCS, Rocco Prestia of Tower Of Power, Paul Jackson of The Headhunters, Nate Philips of Pleasure, Barry Johnson, Mark Adams of Slave, Bernard Edwards of Chic, Norman Watt Roy of The Blockheads and UK session great Pino Palladino plus loads of other great players. My main influences were generally from jazz, funk and R&B, but I have rock influences like Andy Frazer, John Paul Jones and Macca of course. Inspiration wise it would probably be Jaco for his genius in composition as well as his playing, Larry Graham for his whole vibe and Pino for his ability to ALWAYS play creatively in whatever the genre.

What made you choose the bass guitar?

A local guitar hero was teaching a friend of mine who had a guitar and he suggested I get a bass. We later formed a band with the same guy and started gigging.

If you could give any advice to young people about making it big as a bass guitarist what would it be?

Listen, Practice, listen, practice. Don't look for short cuts. The old saying of "it's not what you know, it's who you know" isn't true. That may get you a chance but then you still have to be good enough to take the opportunity. Play with lots of people in different styles and situations as there is something to learn in every situation. With bass it is essential to groove and have good feel. That doesn't mean you have to be busy, but to help the music feel good.

Are there any particular genres of bass you prefer playing?

Funk and soul, but I enjoy music that is emotional and sincerely enjoy most genres if the songs and music are good.

After touring independently with Annie Lennox what made you want to join the band in 2005?

Working with Annie was and is a special experience because she is an amazing singer who's written amazing songs and is a mind blowingly amazing performer to share a stage or studio with. She is also a special person, so it was a privilege. Stylistically Jamiroquai have always been the band that covered everything I love in music and playing so it was a dream opportunity. I first saw the band in 1993!

Out of a CD collection which CD do you listen to the most?

Oh man....... tough. Well I suppose I have to own up to still listening mainly to old stuff, 70's funk, r&b and jazz. Bands and players I mentioned earlier like Stevie, Curtis, Pleasure, Herbie Hancock, Weather Report, Miles but also The Beatles to Led Zeppelin.

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