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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Jamiroquai’s 1993 debut album ‘Emergency On Planet Earth’, Sony Music has released a deluxe package of remastered versions of the first three classic No.1 albums ‘Emergency On Planet Earth’, ‘Return Of The Space Cowboy’ and ‘Travelling Without Moving’. Each album contains a bonus disc featuring B-sides, remixes, live tracks and unreleased rarities. Each package comes with a 20-page booklet, including a 2000 word essay about the album, penned by Jay Kay himself.

After a career lasting an era-defying two decades, 30 million albums sales and over 20 hit singles; a shelf-full of awards, including five MTV gongs, an Ivor Novello and a Grammy to name a few, it’s fair to say that Jay Kay, the charismatic quick stepping Londoner professionally known as Jamiroquai, is one of the UK’s greatest musical exports of the last 20 years.

Emerging from the ashes of the faltering early 90s Acid Jazz scene and inspired by the soul, funk and jazz he listened to growing up, providing a funky alternative to the Beatles referencing Brit Pop of the same era, Jay Kay was a new genre-defying type of pop star. Whatever detractors said about the hats, the dancing, the loose-limbed funk or the save-the-planet message – in 1993 singing about the pillaging of the planet, ending illegal wars and cancelling third world debt might have got you laughed at, today it gets you a knighthood - Jamiroquai’s fans always had the louder voice, making ‘Emergency On Planet Earth’ the year’s biggest selling debut album as it entered the charts at Number One two decades ago in Spring 1993.

A year later in 1994, Kay & co continued to carve their own very distinct niche with second album, ‘Return Of The Space Cowboy’. Through a haze of drugs and frustration its darker grind and jaded inner-city social commentary established Jamiroquai as the face of British Urban music. Still to this day the song ‘Return Of The Space Cowboy’ is Kiss FM’s most played track of all time, with the Morales Mix (contained on the bonus disc here) attaining all time legendary status in Ibiza and beyond.

It was down to third album, 1997’s ‘Travelling Without Moving’, to truly take Jamiroquai to the global masses, selling nearly 10 million copies alone. Resulting in funk- pop classics like the intergalactic boogie of ‘Cosmic Girl’ and ‘Virtual Insanity’, an irresistibly catchy warning against genetic engineering, accompanied by a seminal mind-bending video which captured the imagination and took Jamiroquai global.

With these first three albums remastered from the original analogue masters, each one including a bonus disc – see full tracklisting below, these reissues are a timely reminder of Jamiroquai’s extraordinary 20-year career.

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on 03/03/2013

I hope this CDs be on Latin America soon (incluiding Mexico)


on 21/01/2013

Yeah, guys...the funk lives forever !! (Looking forward to the B-sides).


on 17/01/2013

Que luxooooooooooo!!!!! Com músicas de alta qualidade, com forte influência da "Black Music" a Banda Jamiroquai chega aos vinte anos, abalando o cenário musical!!! Inspirando muitos musicos!! Até hoje causa emoção quando escutamos as músicas, que conscientizam...Faz a gente pensar:" Quando Nós Vamos Aprender"...Congratulações!!! Smile!!


on 16/01/2013


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