Too Young To Die Remix Project Now Open

Categories: General on 23/02/2013

 Project NWe have launched a unique opportunity to remix the classic Jamiroquai track, Too Young To Die. For the first time ever, we are releasing the complete stem files for remixers and producers to create their own version. The stem files are available worldwide in either WAV or Ableton formats. You can remix the track in whichever way you like and upload your finished track in to a shared group on Soundcloud. 

The winner will be selected by Jay and have their track featured on However, in addition we have an incredible prize pool, including prizes from Ableton, Novation, Peavey, Soundcloud, SoundOnSound and more.

To see the prizes and to register visit this page now

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on 04/04/2013

Thank the universe for Jason Kay for inspiring with his universal way of speaking and the icing on the cake when we have the chance to spread the vibe tribe volume of good old groovy funky love back. ha ha


on 04/03/2013

Hi UltraCash - If you didn't get an answer - try posting the question on the Jamiroquai Facebook page. They are more likely to reply to you there. Good Luck!


on 03/03/2013

Hello! Just wanted to verify that this remix contest was open to US residents. Can anyone confirm this?


on 02/03/2013

Thank you Jay and the band for making the song in the first place and then allowing us to make a remix in our style, hope we do it proud.


on 24/02/2013

Essa canção é linda demais!!!! Ouvir essa canção no tom agudo, emocionante...!!! A parte instrumental é muito rica...Que som!!!! Beijos no coração!!!!!

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