The Too Young To Die Remix Competition Is Now Over

Categories: General on 15/04/2013

The competition to remix Too Young To Die is now over. At the time of writing we had received over 472 remixes, which surpassed our wildest expectations. However, what truly inspired us is the sheer quality, creativity and depth of imagination shown by everyone who entered. No two remixes are the same and the range of styles cover genres from dubstep and DnB through to bossanova and jazz. There are original compositions, some awesome bass lines, extraordinary flute playing and even a few duets. 

We will announce the winner shortly. However, if you have done a remix then please still post it to the Soundcloud Group here - afraid you can't win a prize now but we'd still love to hear it. 

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on 26/04/2013

What's with the weird video of Jay driving, listening to the radio and chain smoking?


on 17/04/2013

Awesome. Can't believe we have a universal connection as you have taught us all the cool funk vibes . we're Too young to die;Thank you so much for your inspiration. we are getting closer.

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