Hyde Park concert set list

Categories: Music on 28/06/2010

On Saturday night Jamiroquai performed a storming set in front of thousands of fans at the Hard Rock Calling event at Hyde Park in London.  The following tracks were performed:

Revolution, When You Gonna Learn, If I Like It I
Do It, Virtual Insanity, Too Young To Die, Little L, Alright, Hooked
Up, Space Cowboy, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground

Shortly after Jamiroquai left the stage the crowd witnessed an amazing performance by the legend that is Stevie Wonder.

We've got photos from Saturday coming soon so stay tuned for those but if you were there then why not tell us what you thought of the gig either by posting a message here or over at the forum.

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on 28/06/2010

the whole day was mesmarizing. I hope there will be a tour date when im in Oz next year. that would be magic!


on 28/06/2010

I wasn't there but I LOVE YOUUUU!!! It makes me so happy that you guys played songs from Emergency On Planet Earth (my favourite album ever). Can't wait for the new album!


on 28/06/2010

I was there and the sound was horrible, do not why worst than with the previous artists and of course worst than Stevie's. I travelled just to see JK and got not fully happy.... Next time...


on 28/06/2010

The whole band were fantastic, I had such great time singing and dancing to the sweet tunes. It brought back memories! I have to say it again the whole band was Fab & JK you rock!


on 28/06/2010

Brilliant evening, Jay Kay at his best. Loved every minute and wished the set had been longer. Looking forward to hearing the new album and hopefully seeing Jamiroquai again soon. xxx

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