Hyde Park concert set list

Categories: Music on 28/06/2010

On Saturday night Jamiroquai performed a storming set in front of thousands of fans at the Hard Rock Calling event at Hyde Park in London.  The following tracks were performed:

Revolution, When You Gonna Learn, If I Like It I
Do It, Virtual Insanity, Too Young To Die, Little L, Alright, Hooked
Up, Space Cowboy, Love Foolosophy, Deeper Underground

Shortly after Jamiroquai left the stage the crowd witnessed an amazing performance by the legend that is Stevie Wonder.

We've got photos from Saturday coming soon so stay tuned for those but if you were there then why not tell us what you thought of the gig either by posting a message here or over at the forum.

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on 28/06/2010

you were amazing, waited to see you live for such a long time loved you from the beginning, wished you were on for longer, your voice was amazing and you were well worth the wait to see, shame you didnt get to duet with Stevie xxx


on 28/06/2010

That was one truly special evening. I've loved his music for many year, and that's the first of many gigs I'm gonna see now. Fabulous night x


on 28/06/2010

JJ... Please keep up the "Fantastic" work yr doing with the group... Don't want to hear anything negative... Couldn't make London but waiting patiently for your upcoming (wishful thinking ahead) show in New York City... A New York Lover of Jamiroquai Fan fm Day 1


on 28/06/2010

came From Greece only for Jamiroquai!!!!!!!!!! had a wonderful time!! I have a question thouth.. why the attitude? whats wrong?

Kelly Winter

on 28/06/2010

Fantastic gig! Loved every song just wished it was a longer set. Looking forward to your new stuff! Cant wait :-) xxx

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