Hotwheels Launch A Limited Edition Jamiroquai Enzo

Categories: General on 14/07/2010

You all know Hotwheels, right? The little cars you race around crazy tracks with 360 loops. Well, they've produced a series of limited edition cars called 'Ferrari In Music' and one of them is based upon Jay's black Enzo. Other cars in the series are based on cars owned by George Michael, Nick Mason and Eric Clapton. You can read more about them on the Hotwheels Website

We will soon have 100 of these in the Jamiroquai shop - stay tuned for further details.

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on 19/08/2010

cool!!!!!!!!!!! will have one to sit next too my signed one


on 18/08/2010

I'll take 2 of those please. One in red, of course!

uli @planet eatrh

on 09/08/2010

james dean ment: they dont know what they do. yes they dont. thats a big blame on monaco on all rich and f.......g creations. if there would jump a girl or women on stage, propper.. every thing all right, no she need to be drunken. thats just no respect. no, no, thank you very much, fans... you dont come for see and listen to the very nice stars, no you come to drink, to consume the f-----g alcohol, to hear and show your self, that s all. I feel very sorry for jamiroquai and for all the other cool artists. JK 4me the latest and the first coolest band in my lifetime. shout up, you pupils and find your way home! quickly!

joe m

on 27/07/2010

when are the cars coming out 2 buy

chip shop

on 25/07/2010

(gangsta bass tea.)

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