Things Are Hotting Up

Categories: Band on 13/08/2010

Well well well. It seems things are really hotting up for Jamiroquai. In fact, if rumours are to be believed there is apparently a 'big announcement' planned for Monday.

Personally, I'll believe it when I see it. Which is going to be weird, since I'll be the one writing it. So, keep your eyes peeled on Monday since I think this is when the world of Jamiroquai will start to get crazy again.

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Susan Donaghy

on 19/08/2010

Please please please come to Dublin again. I am having withdrawl symptoms since last concert!!!!


on 17/08/2010



on 16/08/2010

@Dropzink Alll I got to say is, I Hate Being Right Newb!


on 16/08/2010

I look forward to any and all info, be it CD-Single or Tour/Event schedule. Bring it on!


on 16/08/2010

in regards to THE FORUM finding the album or single art leaked onto the net. can the jamiroquai camp keep anything secret? if this announcement is no tour related or more than what we found at jamirotalk..then huge dissapointment

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