Things Are Hotting Up

Categories: Band on 13/08/2010

Well well well. It seems things are really hotting up for Jamiroquai. In fact, if rumours are to be believed there is apparently a 'big announcement' planned for Monday.

Personally, I'll believe it when I see it. Which is going to be weird, since I'll be the one writing it. So, keep your eyes peeled on Monday since I think this is when the world of Jamiroquai will start to get crazy again.

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on 13/08/2010

Dont want to put a downer on things, but if its another small intimate gig..(YES PLEASE!!!!!!) PLEASE CAN YOU DO IT BY BALLOT THIS TIME WHICH WOULD BE FAIRER THAN LAST THANKS! Take care lovely people!

tiger lilly

on 13/08/2010

this better not be the "big announcement" that would disappoint many international fans like last time


on 13/08/2010

Jason is back in town!!! No wonder they are announcing this today. It's Friday the 13th...@0)))))))


on 13/08/2010

the new album release and a worldwide tour including Poland?! :D


on 13/08/2010

used to the 'big announcements' of the ppl who post on this site, I would say this is only a new t-shirt on the store... come on! last time everybody already knew about your big announcement, give us something really important this time!

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