Things Are Hotting Up

Categories: Band on 13/08/2010

Well well well. It seems things are really hotting up for Jamiroquai. In fact, if rumours are to be believed there is apparently a 'big announcement' planned for Monday.

Personally, I'll believe it when I see it. Which is going to be weird, since I'll be the one writing it. So, keep your eyes peeled on Monday since I think this is when the world of Jamiroquai will start to get crazy again.

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on 15/08/2010

A NEW A.....M R....E??? come on !!!!!!! Can't wait J !!!!


on 15/08/2010

Glad I spotted this today! Looking forward to ANY news. Thank you. x


on 15/08/2010

Let me guess Jay has bought a new car or possibly new pet?


on 15/08/2010

Dear Joshua, album comes out when comes out. Jay and the guys works hard to get it perfekt. All Jamiroquai fans knows album will sounds quite different to the rest of Jamiroquia albums. Other bands just make new albums all the time and sound same. Like Girls Aloud :0/... And it's no good living life through a famous band, you get hooked and that no good. We all LOVE Jamiroquai, but must stay truth to ourselfs. HELLO to Jamily from Brazil. I go to beach to play footbal!!! Sun is shinning!!! Later guys. Salvatore from Rio


on 15/08/2010

I NEED a new album... PLEASE!!!! so many hard times iv been through with these guys to put my smile back on one leg at a time!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

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