Things Are Hotting Up

Categories: Band on 13/08/2010

Well well well. It seems things are really hotting up for Jamiroquai. In fact, if rumours are to be believed there is apparently a 'big announcement' planned for Monday.

Personally, I'll believe it when I see it. Which is going to be weird, since I'll be the one writing it. So, keep your eyes peeled on Monday since I think this is when the world of Jamiroquai will start to get crazy again.

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on 13/08/2010

UK Tour wouldn't go a miss! New album or single? Probably delivery of new F458...


on 13/08/2010

OMG! I can't wait! : D I love Jamiroquai : )


on 13/08/2010

the album release of 'This Is' - another greatest hits compilation being released by Sony to coincide with the new album? Or.. Jay has bought a Harmonica.


on 13/08/2010

It would be 'topically hilarious' if it was a confirmation NOT about Jamiroquai's new album but Kanye West's new album also coming November 2010. I take and I think everyone in the Jamily should take any further futures updates from the Official Site with four words: A Grain Of Salt.... In a finishing thought, thank you imbeciles at HQ for posting an update worded like some adolescent 16 year old teenage girl & having the Jamily angrily wait another 3-4 months unnecessarily for a smidgen of new album title or first single news.


on 13/08/2010

Things are "hotting up"? Is that like "heating up"? ;-) Or is a new expression? lol. Anyway, I am looking forward to hearing the exciting news. I hope it involves a US tour!!

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