Jamiroquai film not one, but two promo videos!

Categories: Music on 01/09/2010

Jay Kay and the band have been in Almeria for four days shooting clips for the new singles ‘White Knuckle Ride’ and ‘Blue Skies’ for part of the new album 'Rock Dust Light Star'.

‘After a few years break it's been very exciting doing these videos. And I must say, I can’t wait to see the finished results!  ‘ said Jay.


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on 11/09/2010

ca va etre simplement que du bonheur a l etat pure jamiroquai le meilleur groupe du monde de retour en novembre la puissance funky du buffalo man va etre liberer depuis 5ans que j attend ca. hé jay kay tes le meilleure JAMIROQUAI EST LE PLUS GRAND GROUPE DE MUSIQUE DU MONDE POUR MOI j attend surtout le clip de white knuckle ride super music


on 09/09/2010

I just hope you come to Portugal in your european tour. I follow you all around europe, but i would love if you come to portugal. You make awsome music, and Jamiroquai is one of the greatest bands ever


on 09/09/2010

hey jay, you are the heat, you make me sweat, you got the big groove, god bless you, you are one of the greatest on this earth, thanks, love you..


on 09/09/2010

4 Ulla, u better get cracking with some serious scrubbing honey, otherwise there will be no funkin music 4 ya, lol.


on 09/09/2010

nice nice I like this melodic demo and if i will got some money than I ll by this record, of cource

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