Jamiroquai film not one, but two promo videos!

Categories: Music on 01/09/2010

Jay Kay and the band have been in Almeria for four days shooting clips for the new singles ‘White Knuckle Ride’ and ‘Blue Skies’ for part of the new album 'Rock Dust Light Star'.

‘After a few years break it's been very exciting doing these videos. And I must say, I can’t wait to see the finished results!  ‘ said Jay.


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on 08/09/2010

jay has been single for like the past decade lol, if there is a special someone right now we would of have heard it from his mouth but so far he has not claim to have a girlfriend.....let the man enjoy his bachelor life without the rumors and hope he does find the right one someday


on 08/09/2010

@masha Why should he not remember you anymore ? As everyone can see on Brunopress.com you two were still a couple ( and you obviously pregnant ) on July 3rd 2009. Do you think he's got Alzheimer's ? ;-)


on 07/09/2010

Hi Jay, remember me? We met in St. Petersburg. When will I see you again? Please come again to Russia soon, we miss you ;0))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


on 07/09/2010

Im Mexican and i want to know about the tour, Jamiroquai come to Mexico? Please i cant wait, i love Jay.

Joey N's coffee

on 07/09/2010

Sugar, sugar. I keep on finding all these rare videos through the looking Jamily glass. Feels just like breakfast with Mr. Kay already... Decaf 4 me please. I think we might be getting some more specially delivered news tomorrow from Jamiroquai HQ. Sweet dreams, twin puppet. May all your strings stay in one peace. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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