Jamiroquai film not one, but two promo videos!

Categories: Music on 01/09/2010

Jay Kay and the band have been in Almeria for four days shooting clips for the new singles ‘White Knuckle Ride’ and ‘Blue Skies’ for part of the new album 'Rock Dust Light Star'.

‘After a few years break it's been very exciting doing these videos. And I must say, I can’t wait to see the finished results!  ‘ said Jay.


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on 05/09/2010

I've been waiting for this album a long time, I think the world is ready for this one!


on 05/09/2010

Will this album be available for download in the US on November 1 ? There is 310 million of us, kinda an important market. I want to pay but I'm not a patient person. Details please.


on 05/09/2010

Oh my God! Last albuns are noise compared with this new music ( and those last albuns were already brilliant!) !! They completely took it to the next level!! Awesome! But I miss the sound of a saxo and scatting.


on 05/09/2010

A beautiful energie!!! I like that!!!!


on 05/09/2010

Please jay!... please..come back with old stuff! i was listening to "blow your mind" (live 2003 in montreux) and nothing compares to this fantastic vibe! you were so good at that time! your voice, your music, everything was awesome...so where have all those things gone? please comme back with that kind of vibe! we now expect so much ! a new disco/dancing stuff would be so disappointing ;((( give us moog,funky guitar and.. BRASS !

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