Jamiroquai to perform at Sziget Festival

on 10/04/2008

Jamiroquai have confirmed that they will be performing at the Sziget Festival in Obuda Island, Budapest, Hungary on Thursday 14th August.

The festival takes place between 12-18 August and more information including ticketing details can be found at www.sziget.hu

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on 13/04/2008

I love Jamiroquai, and live in Brazil, I would like much that you came to play here. When it will be that this goes to happen? The Jay Kay is the man prettier than I seein my life!


on 12/04/2008

Oh, yes!!!! I still cannot believe this is happening, and for sure my sister and I will be there, front row, center! 2005 was already too long ago... We love you!!!!!


on 11/04/2008

OMG I love these Jamiroquai! It's so refreshing to hear music of such high caliber these days. He rocked when I saw him in concert. Is it just me or does he remind you of Eric Solomon? He's my favourite, you guys should totally check him out: EricSolomonMusic.com


on 11/04/2008

Yesss! Make it funkyyyyyyyyy! :D


on 11/04/2008

I'm pleased for all you lucky Hungarians. I will see our funky mates in Monaco. No,I'm not rich! The Paleo was official yesturday, and Jami will not be there. (Paleo.ch). However there are rumours for Montreux. The program will be official next Thursday 17th April. I will send a message as soon as I see news. Love to all, Pippa.Montreux.

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