A message to everyone from Jay

on 14/08/2008

Hi everyone
Well, it feels like summer in the UK doesn't want to start but I'm glad to say that hasn't stopped us enjoying the sunshine at many superb festivals around Europe. The next show is in Budapest which we're all hugely looking forward to. My sincere thanks to everyone who has seen one of the shows and posted such positive comments on the Party People forum - we haven't played any new material but instead decided to re-work some of the older stuff which seems to have gone down well - at least from where I was standing. And I also have to thank everyone for congratulating me on my Top Gear triumph! It felt good to knock Mr Cowell off the top spot!! Well, you wouldn't expect anything less would you??

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oilrig gig

on 04/10/2008

counting rubber boots ..

kirsten karfunkel

on 04/10/2008

The weather in Germany can be nice, too ;) How about touring Germany again, especially Bonn (it needn´t be Berlin always!). A good location would be "Carpe Noctem", close to the subway station "Universität/Markt" in the center of our small town. Sincerely, Kiki777

Maxie Sylvester

on 03/10/2008

Jay, just accessed this website on the offchance that IK would get some news on WHEN YOU ARE COMING BACK? I have seen Jamiroquai in concert from day 1 and to me it is still as fresh as when I first saw your video for 2 Young 2 die. I still play all my CD's and sing along (llike I am Beverley Knight!) The tunes have not aged to me. Whilst all the hits are great, I am more a fan of some of (what I consider to be masterpieces) the more obscure tunes like "If I like it..", Planet Home, Butterfly, Mr Moon, Main Vein, Twenty Zero One, Dynamite, Starchild etc. In a selfish way, I hope there comes a day when you revert back to play all the smaller concert venues. If you get this message, please let me know when you guys will tour again. I don't need to hear any new tunes -the old ones will do just fine. Maxie.x


on 02/10/2008

hey, so wen u gna do a gig in ireland again????? :)


on 02/10/2008

Felicitaciones por su concierto en Tenerife. Esperamos tenerle pronto con nosotros. Mónica.

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