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on 05/11/2008

Last year Jay accepted the offer to become Patron of the Captive Animals Protection Society. CAPS caught up with him to find why he agreed to become patron and what he really thinks about zoos and circuses. Read the interview here.
Jay is also supporting one of his fellow CAPS patrons, Fiona Oakes who will be running in the London Marathon to raise funds for CAPS. Jay said: “I’m fully behind Fiona in this. She’s committed to raising awareness of captive animal issues and much needed funding for CAPS, by running this marathon. I’d encourage everyone to sponsor her. It’s amazing that in this day and age we still think it’s okay to lock animals up in circuses or zoos, or keep exotic animals as pets. Animals are not on this planet for our entertainment or idle curiosity.”


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of course

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You can do your part right now. Keep your cats indoors. Put up a bird feeder to help the songbirds. Put up a bird house or two. Don't trim your trees between January and July. Help urban wildlife, like raccoons, skunks, and opossoms by leaving clean water and a morsel or two of food out to keep these vulnerable and hungry creatures from starvation and out of traffic.


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ok, thanks, i really need it(too much negatives there...tired)


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ink positive

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