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on 23/04/2009

We love the fact that there are so many fans out there doing great things to help publicise, promote and share the love for all things Jamiroquai.  There are forums, news sites, discographies, fan community sites, etc. etc.  Flickr.com is full of photos, YouTube.com is full of videos - and we cannot thank you enough for sharing some of this material.

One example of this is an Italian Jamiroquai fansite at www.jamitaly.com.  The site has been around for a few years and they have recently made some big updates to it and changed to a cool URL - jamitaly.com.

Why not take a visit to the site and also take a look round some of the other cool sites linked from the links page here at Jamiroquai.com.

If you've got any other cool links or sites to share, then why not post a comment to this news item...

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on 09/06/2009

fine blog( but not a very simple for my poor, bad English) ;)))))))


on 09/06/2009

(..not the circle)has the band a simple blog ?


on 22/05/2009

who why who where .. ( fortunately .. )


on 20/05/2009

the circle, but who is the taxman? and why the taxman?


on 19/05/2009

the link or the taxman?

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