Kuala Lumpur photos

on 28/04/2009

Thanks to everyone who came and supported us at our recent gigs.  If you head over to our Flickr site you'll find a selection of photos from the Kuala Lumpur concert.  Feel free to post any links to other photos you're taken at the recent gigs as comments to this news item.

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on 19/10/2009

they're spam anyway..(I'm everyone for two people .)

A Humble Fan

on 09/10/2009

The concert was great.The sound system was fantastic.Each member of the band played each song accurately.No mistakes at all. Jay's voice was exactly like we hear in all of Jamiroquai albums,though he constantly out of breath while singing.However: Jamiroquai needs to improve more on the visual effects at the back of the stage.For example,try to show more of video clips of every song during the show. Play with more of purple lights and also other coloured lights to comprehend with each song/videoclip displayed on the stage. Jamiroquai needs a "Jamiroquai" flag as part of the stage decoration. A Ferrari flag would be nice as well.Hehe. Jay needs to enhance his communicating skills with his fans at the beginning,the middle and the end of the show.He needs to say more and different things than usual for every show in every different country.This is something he needs to understand because the audience listens to whatever he's going to say. It's a good platform to spread good messages. Also, it would bring him closer to his fans worldwide as one big Jamiroquai family. Jamiroquai is very well known for highlighting global issues in their songs and people remember Jamiroquai for that alone.From there,I hope people will get inspired and try to do something as well to make this planet a better home for everyone. Long Live Jamiroquai.


on 19/08/2009

(..change it,change it..)


on 18/08/2009

great pics,but where is the new album ??

Amanda wade

on 13/08/2009

Are you planning a tour of oz again (Perth please!!!!!!!!! seen ya five times in London. Think you're fantastic

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