Kuala Lumpur photos

on 28/04/2009

Thanks to everyone who came and supported us at our recent gigs.  If you head over to our Flickr site you'll find a selection of photos from the Kuala Lumpur concert.  Feel free to post any links to other photos you're taken at the recent gigs as comments to this news item.

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on 31/05/2009

(..y no Sibelius..)mixing up what..

jader BRASIL!!

on 30/05/2009

os brasileiros te esperam aqui no brasil!!!!


on 27/05/2009

(the only possible update).. many ways of keeping that curious band out of internet so they can work


on 26/05/2009

you know it, it was Polonium.


on 26/05/2009

So Plutonium in spray hun? ahahahahaha Nice one indeed! It might work, you never know...xd

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