Kuala Lumpur photos

on 28/04/2009

Thanks to everyone who came and supported us at our recent gigs.  If you head over to our Flickr site you'll find a selection of photos from the Kuala Lumpur concert.  Feel free to post any links to other photos you're taken at the recent gigs as comments to this news item.

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on 25/05/2009

..Of course everything the bad things that exist in our life..they'll disappear without a trace! The long life for the good people!


on 24/05/2009

was and was not.. has disappeared without a trace..


on 24/05/2009

Plutonium often works! It's my own way of saying: "Easy way to die"...


on 24/05/2009

thank you very much for your concert in malaysia, next times put a new version from your last concert thank you ! big big kisses on your body.


on 24/05/2009

(way of fishing.)

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