Result Of The Tee Shirt Vote

on 19/11/2009

Many thanks to everyone who voted for your favourite Tee shirt design. And the winner is.......

The intention is now to produce  only 250 of them in a vintage style and sell them in the Jamiroquai shop.


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on 22/11/2009

Yeah , c'est le plus funky des Tshirt en plus ! Pour avoir voté on veut nos T shirt :)


on 21/11/2009

I know, you like to have it,very much, every time, such a nice salutes!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!


on 20/11/2009

.or is it a polpa with 5 one-finger saluts?

A Jamiroquai Fan

on 20/11/2009

: )


on 20/11/2009

someone asked an octopus, how do you move? how do you know what is your fifth foot doing, when you step your seventh foot ahead? octopus was lost in thoughts and couldn't move at all.

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