Result Of The Tee Shirt Vote

on 19/11/2009

Many thanks to everyone who voted for your favourite Tee shirt design. And the winner is.......

The intention is now to produce  only 250 of them in a vintage style and sell them in the Jamiroquai shop.


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on 15/12/2009

where can i buy things from jamiroquai ? i am from portugal and i just love jamiroquai, and i would like to have clothes like shirts or hats from jamiroquai


on 15/12/2009

That is great news...I can't wait!


on 13/12/2009


on 13/12/2009

who eats albums?(and who we..)


on 10/12/2009

we are still waiting here in mexico,for a concert .please come.we like to know if jamiroquai will have a new album,please tell us

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