Result Of The Tee Shirt Vote

on 19/11/2009

Many thanks to everyone who voted for your favourite Tee shirt design. And the winner is.......

The intention is now to produce  only 250 of them in a vintage style and sell them in the Jamiroquai shop.


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on 30/11/2009

the designer has not been inspired during creation of those T-shirts. I think that nothing is horrible.. Ordinary nice T-shirts..


on 30/11/2009

Yeah I admit! It was my fault about this horrible t.shirt! xD Whatever!


on 30/11/2009 much emotions about T-shirts..

Diego Zelaya

on 30/11/2009

I hate it. They should have kept the original design. I blame all of you people

as said

on 25/11/2009

All the worst to the best! voted for the 2-nd T-shirt

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