Jamiroquai Ltd Edition Tee, As Voted By You, Available Now!

on 16/12/2009

The winning t-shirt design, as voted for by you, is available to buy now!  Its strictly limited edition - 250 in all so make sure you get yours now.  There is a full selection of sizes and it's priced at £29.99.  To get yours click here now

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on 31/12/2009

how was your day??? lots of fun??? i hope so XD


on 31/12/2009

..never send brownies, mama!!

Pippa P

on 31/12/2009

Happy birthday on your 40th and don't worry, I'm older than you and feel great.Just stay as you are with your amazing energy, and keep close to your fans. I'll send you some chocolate brownies I made ,with a candle on! Hope you had a great day,love Pippa.


on 30/12/2009

Happy Birthday Jason! Cheers from Portugal!


on 30/12/2009

Jason happy birthday!!! i love you!! you are the best you are the best singer in the century!!! no one like you!! happiness for this special day and your life!! paz y amor para el mundo.....Romi de Argentina!

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