Debut Club: Sold Out

on 11/06/2010

The tickets for the Debut Club show, on Thursday 24th, sold out within minutes of going on sale. We're very excited about this gig and for everyone who got a ticket!

We know many of you are upset that you couldn't get a ticket due to the website becoming very slow. We know that when tickets are so limited there will be fans who are left disappointed and are sorry if you tried but got the "Sold Out" message.

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on 15/06/2010

I have received my 4 tickets in my junk mail... See you guys there!!

The Milch Mouse

on 15/06/2010

I tried once at 11:58 and got straight through..I did think it was very odd at the tickets shouldn't have gone on sale until 12... But managed to make my best friend's dream come true as she is a huge fan and the 24th June is her Birthday... good times...

Very Dissapointed Horse

on 15/06/2010

You sell out befor 12 p.m and that's so bad and also the link was there too late coz your internet provider is just rubish. so thank you for kill our day...

Leanne Bishop

on 15/06/2010

i had the page open for the whole morning ready to buy tickets at 12pm - Jay Kay was MY BOY back in the day (and still is), and the whole freaking website CRASHED at 12pm when everyone went on, thats totally unfair! how else are you supposed to buy tickets without the website crashing??? NOT COOL and soooo bummed i didnt get tix :(


on 15/06/2010

I was online for nearly 45mins and no luck. Very disopointed. Hope you guys have a great time.

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