Debut Club: Sold Out

on 11/06/2010

The tickets for the Debut Club show, on Thursday 24th, sold out within minutes of going on sale. We're very excited about this gig and for everyone who got a ticket!

We know many of you are upset that you couldn't get a ticket due to the website becoming very slow. We know that when tickets are so limited there will be fans who are left disappointed and are sorry if you tried but got the "Sold Out" message.

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on 15/06/2010

Something very fishy here, website goes down and when it comes back all the tickets are sold - how does that work?


on 15/06/2010

I got to the bit and pit names in, but then when it went to paypal i put in details & it crashed... wating to see if i actually got any :-(

Alex The Greek

on 15/06/2010

TO ALL THOSE THAT ARE COMPLAINING: Do you have any idea how complex a tickets release such as this must be to pull off successfully? I have no doubt that they did everything they could to get this all ready in time, and the fact that you complain that they have treated fans badly is nonsense. Why would they wish to make this an inconvenience to anybody? They wouldn't, thousands of people all logging on to a site at once crashes everything, that's just the way it is. They are not going to shell out tons of money on bandwidth to keep the site open because they are already doing you a favour by offering you tickets for £10! This is a gift not a god given right. I didn't get tickets for me and my girlfriend, I'm gutted, but that's just the way it is. I'm just grateful that they even offered such a cool opportunity in the first place. If you are such die hard fans that have been into Jamiroquai for ever, why on earth are you disrespecting the band you love so much on their own web site. Pathetic. I'm yet to see them at all so far, never had the chance unfortunately, so stop moaning, most of you have already seem them at some stage, I hope everyone who was lucky enough to get tickets has the time of their lives!! Looking forward to the new album guys! Keep on Keep'in on!


on 15/06/2010

GUTTED, what can i say, tried to get tickets but no to be!! If by any unlikely chance anyone has a couple of tickets going please consider me!!!!

Katie Lou

on 15/06/2010

Am I reading this all correctly??? The tickets went on sale before the time stated and via another outlet? WHY??? The website mislead us and now dont have tickets. Completely annoyed that the website kept crashing and it didn't say 'Sold Out' could have then stopped trying.

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