Debut Club: Sold Out

on 11/06/2010

The tickets for the Debut Club show, on Thursday 24th, sold out within minutes of going on sale. We're very excited about this gig and for everyone who got a ticket!

We know many of you are upset that you couldn't get a ticket due to the website becoming very slow. We know that when tickets are so limited there will be fans who are left disappointed and are sorry if you tried but got the "Sold Out" message.

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on 15/06/2010

Am on the site but cant buy tickets, WHY???

Mark Allinson

on 15/06/2010

I don't believe it! I tried and tried to get on the site to buy tickets, kept getting error messages and when I finally got on, all the bloody tickets were sold out, at 12:23


on 15/06/2010

where is the link to buy them?!?


on 15/06/2010

how do get tickets :(


on 15/06/2010

er... HOW DO WE BUY THEM???!!!

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