Debut Club: Sold Out

on 11/06/2010

The tickets for the Debut Club show, on Thursday 24th, sold out within minutes of going on sale. We're very excited about this gig and for everyone who got a ticket!

We know many of you are upset that you couldn't get a ticket due to the website becoming very slow. We know that when tickets are so limited there will be fans who are left disappointed and are sorry if you tried but got the "Sold Out" message.

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on 11/06/2010

very dissapointing...its great news the gig, but they hyped this announcement so everybody thought its the album, single, video or something...


on 11/06/2010

Jamiroquai??? I'm very sorry. I don't remeber!!!


on 11/06/2010

This is it? For the happy few? No new album, single or preformance in Holland.


on 11/06/2010

and we had to wait 4 days for a gig announcement?? Bah!


on 11/06/2010

Will you have to be 18?

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